Component: <SecurityAltIDGrp>


The SecurityAltIDGrp group is used to identify a number alternate security identifiers for an instrument in an Instrument block in response messages.

Supported tags

Tag # Field Name Req'd Data type Comments
454 NoSecurityAltID C int

Replaces 7.X tag 10454 (NoSecurityAltID)

Number of alternate security IDs contained in this repeating group

Condition: Sent when there are one or more alternate security IDs

455 SecurityAltID Y String

Replaces 7.X tag 10455 (SecurityAltID)

Alternate ID for an instrument or security, typically for display purposes.

456 SecurityAltIDSource C String

Replaces 7.X tag 10456 (SecurityAltIDSource)

Identifies class or source of the SecurityAltID (455) value.

Possible values include:

  • 4: ISIN number
  • 5: RIC code
  • 8: Exchange security ID
  • 95: Clearport
  • 97: Alias
  • 98: Name
  • 99: Other

Note: 99 (Other) is not valid for order routing requests.

Condition: Sent when tag 455 (SecurityAltId) is sent>