TT Order Types

TT Order Types

TT Order Types overview

TT order types provide order execution functionality beyond those natively supported by exchanges. The following is a list of TT Order Types:

  • TT Bracket order
  • TT Iceberg order
  • TT If-Touched order
  • TT OCO order
  • TT Retry order
  • TT Stop order
  • TT Time Sliced order
  • TT Timed order
  • TT Trailing Limit order
  • TT With A Tick order

When submitting a TT order type, a synthetic order is created which runs on the algo server. This parent order submits and manages child orders into the market.

When filled, a synthetic parent fill is reported ​for every native child order fill.

Accessing TT order types

You can access TT order types from the Order Type drop-down in the MD Trader or Order Ticket widgets.

Accessing TT order types from MD Trader and Order Ticket

TT order type parameters

Each TT order type displays a fly-out with its associated parameters when selected as the order type. You can use the system default values or adjust them as desired.

TT order type parameters

Order templates

For each TT order type, you can save frequently-used sets of parameters by creating order templates. These templates can be selected from the drop-down to populate the order parameter fields with the saved values.

The template drop-down menu also lets you specify a default template (indicated by the yellow star) that will appear pre-selected every time you select the associated TT order type.. You can revert to the default system settings by selecting the <Default> option.