Spread Matrix

Spread Matrix

Displaying market data in Spread Matrix

You can easily configure the Spread Matrix to display specific contract months.

  1. Right click in the matrix and select Choose legs....

    This setting allows you to check/uncheck each available contract month for that product.

  2. Left click to uncheck (remove) months that you are not interested in displaying, such as serial months.

    Click the direction arrows (if the arrow pad is shown) to scroll through the matrix across the top or diagonally to view more contracts and contract periods as needed.

  3. Right-click and select Save legs to display the contracts that you want to view.

Displaying market data in a Chart widget and Time and Sale widget

Using the Spread Matrix context menu, you can display market data for a single product in a Chart widget and a Time and Sales widget. For synthetic inter-product spreads, you can also open a Chart widget.

  1. Right-click in the market data cells for a spread to view the context menu for the Calendar spread.
  2. In the context menu, click Open to select Chart or Time and Sales.