Viewing Historical Order Data

Company administrators can use the Risk Monitor Audit Trail tab to view historical order data for all company accounts, as well as accounts shared with their company. The "forever" audit trail data persists beyond each trading session.

Individual traders can also use the "forever" audit trail to view historical data for their own accounts. The audit trail never stops capturing data even if you log out of your browser or turn off your machine, and is persistent starting from the moment each user opens an account. This allows each user to mine their own data at all times from the device of their choice (e.g., laptop, mobile phone, etc.).

Audit Trail columns are described here.

To open the Risk Monitor application, click Risk Monitor in the title bar.

To view historical order data...

  1. Click the Audit Trail tab.
  2. Select an account.

    All historical data for the account is displayed. The data refreshes for each account that is selected.