Introducing ADL Designer

The ADL Designer provides the tools you need to design and test your custom algorithms. Major areas of the ADL Designer include:

  • Canvas: Working area for creating your algo
  • Block Panel: Collection of intelligent blocks to add to your algo
  • Information Panel: Panel to display information relating to your algo, such as problems and variable values
  • Menu Strip: Menus that provide access to algo and library management commands
  • Algo Controls: Controls for compiling and running your algo
  • Algo Navigation: Controls for moving between parent and child algos
  • Information Panel: Retractable area to provide access to view algo design issues, manage algo variables, and monitor algo alerts

Two additional settings are located at the top right corner:

  • Ignore Market State: By default, an algorithm pauses when one of the markets reported by an Instrument Block closes. Enabling the Ignore Market State checkbox allows the algorithm to continue running even if one of the markets reported by an Instrument Block contained in the algorithm closes. This setting lets you design logic outside of regular trading sessions (e.g., submitting orders during pre-open).
  • Order Side: By default, ADL assumes you are developing your algo for buy-side orders. The drop-down selection box lets you choose between BUY or SELL. Some blocks in ADL have the capability to perform an alternate function depending on the value of this drop-down menu (see: Flip For Sell Order Functionality for more information). Use the Order Side selection to design strategies that can alternate between buy and sell side routines.