Demultiplexer Block

The Demultiplexer Block takes in a discrete event message from the Single Order Container and evaluates whether the message is a fill, change or a delete confirmation. After the evaluation, the block directs the message, unchanged, through the appropriate output (e.g., for fill confirmations, the original message is output as the message through the fills output port).

Note Only the Single Order Container can provide the required discrete event message. Connection from any other block will be considered erroneous by ADL.

Block settings

To change default block settings, double-click the block to open the Block Editor.

Setting Description
Name Name to display beneath the block on the ADL canvas
BodyColor Background color of the block

Output message ports to expose:

  • addReq:New order request sent to the exchange
  • add: New order confirmations
  • chgReq:Change order request sent to the exchange
  • chg: Change order acknowledgments
  • delReq:Delete order request sent to the exchange
  • del: Delete order acknowledgments
  • fills: Fill confirmations
Description Optional text to explain how the block is used