Creating and Launching Order Ticket Algos (OTAs)

An algorithm in ADL can be designed as an Order Ticket Algo (OTA) which means that the algorithm can be launched directly from the MD Trader window instead of using the Algo Dashboard. While the normal routine of starting algorithms through the Dashboard requires the user to perform several preparatory actions, the OTA functionality reduces such pre-launch process. For this reason, the OTA functionality is especially useful for strategies which require fast "single-click" style of execution.

How to create an Order Ticket Algo

To create an order ticket algorithm:

  1. Create an algorithm with the desired logic.

  2. Set the type of an Instrument Block in the algo as OrderInstrument. You can use the block settings or select it from the context menu, as shown:

  3. If you want order quantity and price values to be determined when the user enters an order, you would also set the blocks used for the price and qty Order Block inputs to OrderPrice and OrderQuantity, respectively.

    Note In this example, Order Block enabled the Flip for Sell setting to allow the user to enter this OTA order on either side of the market.

  4. From File menu, select Deploy.

How to launch an Order Ticket Algo

When an OTA is deployed, the name of the algo is added to the list of order type values, as shown.

To launch an Order Ticket Algo:

  1. Open an MD Trader or Order Ticket widget for the instrument you want to trade.

  2. Select the name of the OTA from the Order Type drop-down.

  3. Using the method appropriate for the widget, submit an order for the desired quantity and price.

    The parent algo order appears in the Order Book widget.