Exporting Block Output Values

ADL blocks can export the values from Numeric and Boolean output ports so they appear in the far-right columns for the algo in the Algo Dashboard. The values of these outputs update dynamically.

Example Three values exported from an algo

Note Exported values are not supported within a virtualized block or for output ports of a virtualized block.

To export block output values:

  1. In ADL, right-click on the output port of a block and select Export value from the context menu.

    After selecting the port, the port is outlined with an orange border, as seen for the fillPrice port in the example.

  2. Click the Information bar at the bottom of the canvas; then click the Export Values label to display the exported values.

    ADD IMAGE with better color scheme

  3. Deploy the algo.

  4. Open the Algo Dashboard and launch the algo.

    Columns for the exported values will be visible at the far right, similar to the above example.

To stop exporting a value, right-click on the desired output port and select Unexport value from the context menu.